v4.2 brings customizable email

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v4.2 brings customizable email

Post by theDev » Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:12 pm

Several years ago (yes, it took that long) I was approached with a question: can I change the email template for the Leasing functions so that I don't have to edit the email before sending? And the answer was: it's not that simple...

And it still isn't simple, but at least now it is possible. And the capability is limited to calculations that do not require multiple iterative computations: so amort schedule and the investment emails are out. Leave them as is because all of their information is recomputed as the email is generated.

What you have to do is to create a template in plain text. The template has to be saved as plain text so Apple's TextEdit is out because it only saves as rich text. I recommend (for Macs) the free TextWrangler, and probably for PCs Word will do IF you save as plain text!

There are two things about the email your template can change: the subject, and the text (body) of the email. You can change either or both, but if you leave either out of the template, that part the email will be blank! No subject in the template and you get a blank subject. No text, and there's no text!

To set a custom subject, you get one line that MUST be contained between <SMDSUBJECT> and </SMDSUBJECT>. An example: <SMDSUBJECT>This is my custom subject</SMDSUBJECT>

And to set custom text, you MUST enclose your custom text between <SMDTEXT> and </SMDTEXT> (the body can be many lines, pretty much as long as you'd like until your phone runs out of memory). <SMDTEXT>Here we have the custom text for our email</SMDTEXT>

This isn't at all forgiving, so if you end up with blank emails, make sure you have both parts of the <SMDSUBJECT> and </SMDSUBJECT> as well as <SMDTEXT> and </SMDTEXT>.

Within either the subject or the text, you use token words contained in the angle brackets to indicate that the email should substitute the token word with a numerical value. The token words you can use are:


Lastly, you must save your template using a very specific filename, and that filename must end with .txt

The specific filename is the last operation... when you put the calculator into landscape mode and do something like 5 ENTER, after you tap ENTER you'll see the name of the last operation above the number 9. If you then tap 1/x the last operation will change to 1/x. So if we want a custom email for ENTER that lists the stack registers instead of having a subject: Calculation result with an email body: Results of ENTER: 5.00, we would make a plain text file named ENTER.txt that looks like this:

<SMDSUBJECT>I just tapped the enter key</SMDSUBJECT>

<SMDTEXT>And here are the contents of the stack
The x register contains: <SMDSTACK-X>
The y register contains: <SMDSTACK-Y>
The z register contains: <SMDSTACK-Z>
The t register contains: <SMDSTACK-T>
The LastX register contains: <SMDSTACK-LASTX>

Then we'd save it somewhere easy to remember on our computer. The next step is to get the template into the app and to do that we must use iTunes.
* connect your device to iTunes
* find your device in the left pane under Devices and click it
* near the top, find and click Apps then scroll the window down until you see File Sharing with a bunch of apps listed. Don't scroll in the Apps you see near the top, you have to scroll the window down until File Sharing appears
* In the File Sharing section, find Calc12E and click it -- the right side will show you Calc12E Documents (there may not be any documents in there)
* On the right side, near the bottom and above the Sync button will be an Add... button. Click that
* Find the ENTER.txt file you make above, click it and then click Add. It'll show up under Calc12E Documents in the right hand pane.
* You're done. Now, every time you send an email right after you tap ENTER, it'll use the template you just loaded.
* To stop using the template you have to delete it: click on ENTER.txt in Calc12E Documents and press the Delete key.

If you want to change your template delete the old template, edit the ENTER.txt file on your computer, and then add it to Calc12E. You don't have to sync, the template file is transferred immediately.

So. It's not real simple, but if you need customized emails--it is possible!

If you need any help let me know at the customer service email address and I'll be happy to assist.


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