A fix for iOS11 is in Apple's queue

Things that aren't right, that are in the queue to be fixed... along with workarounds.
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A fix for iOS11 is in Apple's queue

Post by theDev » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:19 pm

Phew. Found the major problems and have fixed them. What's in the queue for Apple to approve now is release (4.4.2) that:

1) fixes the crash on iPad, it'll start and go fine
2) fixes the landscape layout problem on iPhone/iPod Touch—it's back to normal


The cash flow viewer won't scroll. I haven't figured that one out yet and it might be a hiccup in the new OS—the technical detail is that something seems to have changed with the visual format language interpreter that Apple provides. It's not playing well with the UIScrollView and thus far the inter webs don't have a solution. I'll be working with Apple on this on most likely but will (eventually) get that fixed. Other than not being able to scroll the cash flow viewer though, I believe the calculator is whole again.

My apologies for letting this break—my attention has been elsewhere and I simply didn't have time. So know that I do appreciate your patience with me!


Kim (the Dev)

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