iOS 11 - Broke the calculator

Things that aren't right, that are in the queue to be fixed... along with workarounds.
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iOS 11 - Broke the calculator

Post by theDev » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:24 am


Ack! Yes, iOS11 has broken my calculator, and yes, I'm working on a fix.

What is "broke":
1) the keyboard on iPhone only works in portrait mode—in landscape it smushes everything to the left
2) it just crashes on iPad

BUT it seems ok on iPhone in portrait mode… no solace I know.

I am working on it though, and hope to have a fix shortly.

Your patience with me is appreciated, the day job is demanding all my time. Hey, when you need an excuse, any one will do. Right? (except that the whole truth)


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