"n specifies too many cash flow groups"

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"n specifies too many cash flow groups"

Post by theDev » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:52 pm

UPDATED 2/9/11
:D the releases fixing this bug were approved by Apple on 2/8/11 and are available for download.

A bug was discovered yesterday... it is not a problem with calculation accuracy. The maximum number of individual cash flows allowed for NPV is being inappropriately reduced to 50 if you use the visual cash flow editor. This means that when the total number of cash flows in a problem exceeds 50, the calculator would refuse to calculate NPV. The bug was exposed by entering problems using repeating cash flows--and the number of repeat cash flows took the sum of individual cash flows over the erroneously set 50 cash flow limit.

Good news: this doesn't affect you when you're in INVEST mode. Until the fix clears the App Store use INVEST mode for NPV on problems that have more than 50 individual cash flows. If your NPV problem has fewer than 50 individual cash flows, you can use either TVM or INVEST mode.

Better news: I uploaded the fix for both Calc-12E and Calculator12 on 3 Feb so it should be available in a few days.

This bug does not appear in the basic version of the calculator so it hasn't been updated.

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