v3.0.1 in the Apple queue

Things that aren't right, that are in the queue to be fixed... along with workarounds.
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v3.0.1 in the Apple queue

Post by theDev » Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:07 pm

I have uploaded another update to Apple and because of the crush of updates associated with the release of the new iPhone and iPod firmware I expect there may be a delay in its approval.

v3.00 and v3.0.0 work just fine with the new iPhone and iPod firmware.

This is a maintenance update that address three issues, two of which you may run into and the third improves algorithm performance in a very dark corner case.

Things that are fixed that you may have run into:

1) when entering either a safe or reinvestment rate (INVEST mode), the last number entered is sort of stuck in the display and keying in additional digits merely appends them to the number just entered. This is a bug, and is corrected by v3.0.1
2) if you insert a cash flow using the cash flow editor and then leave the cash flow editor, the last cash flow disappears. Another bug, also corrected by v3.0.1
3) the algorithmic corner case involves computing the interest rate when a) the resulting interest rate is negative, b) the value of n is very large (hundreds of thousands or greater), c) the pmt is negative and d) pv is negative. v3.0.0 may or may not be able to solve for i, but with v3.0.1 it can. There are only 3 calculators that I know of for the iPhone/touch that can solve these problems... Calc-12E/Calculator12 and the products based on HP's ROMs including HPs recent entry into the market. A specific example shows the unlikely nature of the issue:

n = 199,819.97663
pv = -55,515,495.67
pmt = -157,282.6786
fv = 15,728,267.865

solve for i, the answer should be -0.9999999996821. HP and the HP ROM based calculators return -1.00 because of they cannot accept the last digit of the FV... v3.0.1 returns -1 with 13 zeros when FV is entered with only 10 significant digits.

v3.0 and most other products can't solve this problem, and even though nearly no one will ever experience it I am putting our math up against the gold standard. Being unable to solve this corner case just won't do.

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